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Scotty Cameron

Scotty Cameron is a name well recognized by golf players. This is because he is the man behind the world famous putters that now belong to Titleist. Scotty Cameron always had a passion for golf, specifically putters, and together with his wife they started their golf putter company that has become one of the biggest names in the golf industry. Scotty Cameron putters are designed so carefully that it seems impossible not to put well with the putters. Much time, effort, and thought has been put into Scotty Cameron products and it is for this reason that they are considered so prestigious and impressive.

There are three main collections of Scotty Cameron putters. These are the Studio Select putters, the California putters, and the Studio Select Kombi putters. Some of the Studio Select putters are the Newport, the Newport 1.5, the Newport 2, the Newport 2 Mid Slant, the Newport 2.5, the Newport 2.6, and many others. The California putters include the Monterey, the Sonoma, and the Del Mar. The Studio Select Kombi putters include the Kombi, the Kombi Mid, the Kombi Long, and the Kombi-S.

Scotty Cameron Putter

Scotty Cameron is a man who had a vision to create the perfect putter that would maximize one’s playing skills as much as possible. Scotty Cameron fulfilled his dream and vision by establishing the Scotty Cameron Company, which specializes in Scotty Cameron golf putters but sells other products as well including bags and covers. Many people who don’t know too much about golf or who are just beginners often want to know what is the difference between a blade and mallet putter? This is a question that is constantly asked.

The answer is that the two carry the weight of the shaft in different places and that has an effect on the impact on the ball. Scotty Cameron has a wide range of putters. By looking through the different Scotty Cameron putters you can see what advantages of face balanced putter there might be as well as advantages of other putters.

Odyssey Putter


Putters are one of the different kinds of golf clubs that every golfer carries in his golf bag. Other golf clubs include irons, woods, and drivers. There isn’t officially a golf club that must be carried in one’s golf bag, but if there was, it would be the putter. Putters are used for short distance shots. They have a flat edge as opposed to the rounder bulkier clubs such as woods and drivers. There are different kinds of putters. There are blades and mallets. The difference in putter depends on where the club is carrying the main part of its weight.

Many times, a golfer will ask, what kind of stroke do I need to have for a blade putter? They also might ask why do pro golfers use blades and is there a difference between a blade and muscle back golf club? These questions along with many others can only be answered only on an individual basis. The advantage of face balanced putter along with the advantages of other putters is something that should be looked into by any serious golfer.

Odyssey Golf Putters

Odyssey golf putters are part of Callaway’s line of golf equipment. Callaway Odyssey golf putters are excellent putters. There are two kinds of putters. There are Odyssey mallets and Odyssey blades. The difference between a mallet putter and a blade putter is the location where the weight is centered. This has a different impact on the ball. The iron blade sweet sound is one way to distinguish between putters. The sound a putter makes when it hits the ball differs depending on whether it is a blade putter or a mallet putter. There are many Odyssey golf putters and they are all great.

Golf Putters

Golf putters are used for short distance shots. There are putter differences between blade putters and mallet putters. The Difference mallet and blade putters have is that the weight is carried differently in the head of the golf club. This has different effects on the way the ball is hit and the sound that it makes upon impact. The blade putter sweet spot is something that all golfers want to know. It is important for golfers that should use a peripheral weighted putter to find the golf putter that best suits their needs.

Golf Clubs Putters

Golf is one of the games that require much equipment and expensive equipment too. There are the golf balls, which are fairly inexpensive compared to the rest of the gear, the golf bag, golf shoes, golf clothing which differs for men than for women, golf carts, and of course, golf clubs. It doesn’t just take one golf club to get the ball in the hole, but several. There are irons, woods, wedges, hybrids, drivers, and golf club putters.

Golf club putters look different than most golf clubs. They have flat heads as opposed to the usual rounder ones. Putters are used mainly for short distances. There are two types of golf clubs putters. There are blades and there are mallets. The difference between them is where the main part of the putter’s mass is located. The location has a different effect on the impact of the club on the ball. Many golf companies sell putters including Nike, Ping, and Callaway.

Taylor Made Golf Clubs Set

It is always a good idea to start off golf with a golf club set. This way you are ready to go. Taylor Made has a huge name in the golf equipment industry and is definitely the place to go to get that golf clubs set. A Taylor Made Golf Clubs Set makes the perfect golf club set and is great as a starter set or as a new set or even a nice gift.

Taylor Made is known for many of their golf clubs but the r7 and the R9 are some of the most popular models as are the CGB golf clubs and the Burner series. A golf bag should never have more than fourteen golf clubs, and among these clubs there must be three woods, and up to nine irons, and of course a putter. Putter are usually sold separately though. A Taylor Made Golf Clubs Set comes complete with all of the necessary clubs and of course a golf bag.