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Mizuno Golf Bag

Mizuno is a name in the golf business that is heard less than other names such as Titleist or Ping. Nevertheless, they sell quality golf equipment including golf bags. A Mizuno golf bag will last you a long time and do a great job of storing and carrying your golf clubs. Mizuno has a nice selection of golf bags including Mizuno Twister Stand Bags, Mizuno Golf – Renegade Carry / Stand bag, Mizuno Omega V Divider Cart Bags, Mizuno AeroLite Stand Bags, Mizuno 2010 Scratch Sac III Carry Bags, and many others.

There are many different colors to choose from not to mention styles. Each golfer chooses a bag based on their personal likes and preferences. Some come with hand straps, and others with shoulder straps. Some come with both, and others comes with ways to connect the bag to a golf cart since they are golf cart bags.