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Taylor Made r7 Irons

Taylor Made r7 irons are one of the few kinds of Taylor Made irons that there are. Taylor Made has many clubs and irons as well. The r7 is just one of the irons that Taylor Made offers. In addition to the r7 there is also the r9 irons. These irons are quality made and any golfer would be glad to have them. Irons are only one of the types of golf clubs that most golf players carry with them while golfing. Other types of golf clubs include woods, wedges, hybrids, and putters.

A driver is the largest of the woods. Woods, once made from actual wood, are now made from other materials. The largest of the woods is the driver with its extremely big head. The driver is an important club for every player to have as well as the irons, such as the Taylor Made r7 irons.

Taylor Made r9 Irons

Taylor Made has a number of irons series including Taylor Made r9 irons. With the help of the r9, one can achieve more consistency, and increased ball speed and power. These irons provide more satisfying feel and sound. The irons result in increased forgiveness, and the sole in every irons helps reduce turf resistance.

The beveled sole also helps advance crisp contact. Taylor Made r9 irons are professional golf clubs that make a statement and are quality made. They are a great addition to any golf set and will enhance one’s game greatly. There are also Taylor Made r7 irons.

Taylor Made Burner Irons

Taylor Made does not need an introduction, but perhaps Taylor Made Burner irons, one of the Few Taylor Made irons series does. Other iron series by Taylor Made include the r9 series and the r9 TP series. There is also the Tour Preferred, and the r7 series. Each Taylor Made irons series has a number of iron models.

The Burner series consists of the Taylor Made Burner Iron, the Taylor Made Burner Superlaunch Iron, and the Taylor Made Burner Plus Iron. These irons are extremely well made and can assist a golfer plenty with is game.

Callaway Diablo Irons

Callaway has many solid golf clubs including Callaway Diablo irons. There is a significant golf putter difference from irons. There are Callaway Diablo Forged Irons and Callaway Diablo Edge Irons. With the Callaway Diablo Irons, Callaway has reached a whole new level of perfection. Players can now play with even more benefits thanks to these Callaway Diablo irons. They provide players with the best distance and thanks to the carbon steel body; there is an incredibly soft responsive feel at impact. These irons help obtain accuracy and are especially configured for distance.

Irons can be bought anywhere and every player needs irons. However, Callaway irons are on a different level and Diablo irons in particular will provide golfers with an entirely new experience. Callaway Diablo irons were designed with a wow factor and that is exactly what they do, wow people.

Callaway x22 Irons

Callaway is a known name in the golf industry. Many golfers use Callaway golf clubs including Callaway x22 irons. This x series by Callaway is the best ever made so far. The perimeter weighting of the x-22s has been done in such as way that the moment of inertia (MOI) is ten percent higher than any of the previous x irons. There is now more forgiveness on off-center strikes.

These irons have much more to offer than any Callaway iron, and especially more than any other iron on the market. These Callaway x22 irons are extremely well made and this can be seen in the game results. Whether this is your first time purchasing Callaway golf clubs or you are already a loyal customer of theirs, you will truly enjoy these divine irons.

Titleist Irons

Titleist has many solid golf products including Titleist irons. Some of the Titleist irons are the AP1, the AP2, the CB, and the MB. Each of these Titleist irons are quality made and bring a lot to the table. The AP1 has a unique design, which helps deliver high performance due to its multi-material and dual cavity irons. The construction is a cast 431 stainless steel body, tungsten nickel sole, and a co-molded elastomer/aluminum cavity plate.

The AP2 is much like the AP1 with a fine design, a forged 1025 carbon steel body, tungsten nickel sole, and a co-molded elastomer/aluminum cavity plate. The CB features a high performance cavity back with forged irons, is made from forged 1025 carbon steel, and has a stock shaft of True Temper Dynamic Gold. Lastly, the MB offers a high performance design with muscle back forged irons and is constructed from 1025 carbon steel. One thing to keep in mind when buying Titleist irons is that there are different colored grips for wedges and long irons.

Nike Irons

Nike irons are much like other irons. Nike irons consist of the VR series, the SQ MACHSPEED series, the Slingshot series, and the Youth series. The VR series includes the VR Forged TW Blade, the VR Forged Split Cavity Irons, the VR Full Cavity irons, and the Women’s VR Full Cavity Irons. The SQ MACHSPEED series includes the SQ MACHSPEED Irons and the SQ MACHSPEED Women’s Mixed Set.

The Slingshot series includes the Slingshot Mixed Set and the Slingshot Women’s Mixed Set. The Youth series includes the TW Kids Black 9 Piece set and the TW Kids Red 6 Piece set. All of the Nike irons are well-made, and can contribute greatly to the success of one’s game.

Ping Irons

Ping has a huge selection of golf equipment including golf clubs. Among the many Ping golf clubs are Ping woods, Ping drivers, Ping putters, and Ping irons. Ping irons include the G15, the i15, the Rapture V2, the S57, the G10, and the RHAPSODY.

The Ping irons vary in terms of the material (stainless steel, titanium, tungsten), the forgiveness (extreme, moderate, maximum), the trajectory (low, mid, medium-high), the clubhead size, the club design, the topline, the CTP, and the offset. Each one of the Ping irons is designed for a different type of golfer. No matter the skill level though, any person will find a set of Ping irons that is right for them.