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Nike Golf Wedges

Nike has many terrific products including a wide range of gold products. Nike carries Nike golf shoes, Nike golf clubs, and Nike golf apparel. Among the Nike golf clubs are Nike irons, and Nike drivers. There are also Nike wedges. Wedges are a type of iron. Just like a driver is a type of wood, wedges are types of irons. Irons were originally called irons because they were made from iron just like woods were once made from wood. Today both irons and woods are made from different materials. Nike golf wedges are quality made and can serve a golfer very well.

Golf Wedge Set

A golf wedge set is a set of golf club irons, specifically the wedge golf clubs. Every golf bag must have several different kinds of golf clubs. There are woods, and a driver among them, putters including blades and mallets, and then there are irons, named after the original material they were made from, iron. The irons that have a higher loft than a 9 iron are wedges. There are different kinds of wedges such as the peripheral balanced sand wedge.

Pro Golfers and Rusty Oil Can Wedges often go together, since the wedges with the rusty oil can finish are favored by pros. A common issue among wedges is how to oxidize or darken black nickel wedges. There are several ways of accomplishing this. Wedges are used for a various short-distance shots such as hitting the ball onto the green. Hybrids are a cross between a wood and an iron. There are golf wedge sets available by many different brands.