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Ezgo Marathon

The EZ-GO Marathon is one of the EZ-GO golf carts. They are older golf carts with two separate back rests. These golf carts are sturdy and made to last a long time. Nevertheless, time does cause some wear and tear and from time to time pieces will need to be replaced and the cart may need to have some work done. All and all, like all EZ-GO golf carts, the EZ-GO Marathon golf cart is a terrific, reliable golf cart that will help you get where you are going without having to lug your heavy golf equipment around.

All of your heavy golf clubs including the irons, woods, wedges, drivers, hybrids, and putters not to mention the balls and the bags itself which can weigh quite a lot will all come along with you for a ride in the EZ-Go Marathon golf cart.

Ez Go Workhorse

The EZ-GO Workhorse is a terrific trail utility vehicle that will help get any job done right. It boasts all-terrain tires, has high-ground clearance, and a gasoline engine. There are a few great EZ-GO Workhorse models. These include the ST 4×4, the ST-480, the ST-350, the ST-Sport, the ST Sport 2+2 Custom, the ST Sport 2+2, and the ST Sport II. Each and every one of these vehicles has many wonderful features. Some of these features include incredible horsepower, large fuel tanks, external starters, high load capacities, and much more. Today there are more modern models than the EZ-GO Workhorse.

Ezgo Gas

The EZ-GO Gas golf cart is used on golf courses all over. It is a gas fueled golf cart that is quality made and gets golfers from hole to hole. There are many different kinds of EZ-GO gas golf carts. Some of the EZ-GO golf carts are used for commercial purposes such as for airport use or for hospital use.

There are also industrial purposes as well such as golf carts that are used in factories to get from point A to point B. Gas golf carts are used more often now than electric golf carts. Most of EZ-GO golf carts are EZ-GO gas golf carts. These carts are quality made and will last a long time.

Ezgo Golf Cart

An EZ-GO golf cart is just one of the brands of golf carts that there is on the market. There is a wide selection of EZ-Go golf carts. There is the EZ-GO golf cart intended for golf purposes, and EZ-GO golf carts intended for commercial purposes such as for food and beverage purposes or hospitality purposes. The golf collection consists of the Fleet series including the RXV, the Freedom RXV, and the TXT 48 and the Turf Maintenance series, which includes the MPT 800, the MPT 1000, and the MPT 1200. The commercial collection includes beverage and food carts as well as hospitality carts.

The former includes the Refresher MPT 1200 and the Refresher MPT 2000. The Hospitality series includes the Shuttle 2+2, the shuttle 2, the Shuttle 4, and the Shuttle 6. There are other series and golf carts as well including an entire line of industrial carts used in factories for instance, and carts for leisure or work purposes. There is an EZ-GO golf cart for every purpose.


EZ Go Golf Cart