Golf Accessories

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Golf is not just all about clubs and balls and shafts. In addition to these tools, you also need other equipment that help you maximize your game and enjoy it even more. Here are some accessories that can add to your golfing experience.

Golf Shoes
You can never be too picky when it comes to your golf shoes. Playing golf requires tons and tons of walking and if you don’t have the right pair, you will end up having sore feet (at the least). You can wear shoes, sandals, or boots when playing golf. Closed shoes are the most commonly used. They offer protection and comfort as well as grip on the turf. You can choose shoes with spikes so as to offer more traction. Colors and styles vary and are dependent on your tastes. Sandals are now being used by “social golfers”. Sandals are comfortable because of their open nature but may prove to be a problem in longer courses and wet weather. Boots are perhaps the newest type of golf footwear. Boots are well suited for winter golfing as they are waterproof and very warm on the inside.

Golf Gloves
Not all players feel the need to wear gloves when playing golf. This is especially true for experienced and professional players. Yet for those in the beginning stage, it is quite advisable to wear gloves so as to get a good grip on your club as you are still trying to improve your game. Getting the right pair of gloves just might make it easier for you. Gloves can be made of different materials. Leather is the most commonly used material for gloves as it offers a good feel. Though it holds water, it will easily dry off and return to its original shape as long as you take good care of it. Other types of gloves are synthetic, all-weather, winter, and mitts. They all suit a specific purpose. When buying gloves, do not be afraid to try them on and make sure that they fit and feel right. You do not want to be uncomfortable with them on.

Golf Bags
Perhaps one of the hassles in golf is the fact that you have to lug your equipment around with you; and of course, all that equipment is not a small deal! Unless you can afford a caddy each time you play, you better choose a golf bag that will not burden you any more than needed. There are numerous styles with different features available in the market today. Choose a style that would suit you and definitely choose a bag that will last you for a long time and protect all your other equipment.

Golf Trolleys
To help you with carrying your clubs and all other equipment around, you can get a trolley – definitely an alternative to a caddy! There are some golf bags that are designed to sit well on golf trolleys so it is a good idea to pick out these two accessories together.

You can either have an electric trolley or a manual one. Obviously, the manual trolley needs you to either push or pull it behind you. Two-wheel trolleys can only be pulled behind but three-wheel trolleys can also be pushed in front of you. Make sure that the manual trolley you choose is light enough but still strong. Electric trolleys make the job of lugging things around much easier. However, make sure that you choose one with a long battery life and check the battery before going out into the course. These trolleys can be heavy to push manually!

Vision Care
A good golf game starts with clear sight and sharp vision. Sunglasses are a must and for the vision impaired, quality contact lenses can make a great difference. I personally prefer daily disposable contact lenses (such as Focus Dailies) since I only wear them when I play but any type of contact lens should do.

Last, but not the least, we come to clothing. Golf knows no boundaries now. Men, women, and children all play the same sport. That is why there is definitely no shortage of golf apparel these days. All major sports clothing manufacturers have their own line of golf apparel.

The basics for golf apparel are the shirt, the pants or shorts, and the outerwear. For all of these things, the most important consideration is your comfort. Choose clothing that fits you well and does not make you feel ill at ease. Of course the material is quite important too. For the shirt, choose a fabric that will let your perspiration escape so as to keep you cool. Also check for UV protection as you will be spending a lot of time under the sun. The same considerations apply for shorts and pants. Usually cotton pants or shorts will do the job nicely. Outerwear is essential for playing in windy or rainy conditions. Winter golf certainly requires outerwear. Choose from waterproof, shower proof, and wind proof materials. Outerwear covers both the upper and lower body. You can choose jackets, vests, and trousers to keep the effects of bad weather away.

Check out your local sports store for suitable golfing apparel. Alternately, visit the website of some major sports manufacturers such as Nike and Adidas. Other good brands for golfing apparel are Callaway, Polo, Greg Norman, Antigua, Ping, and Descente. You will definitely not run out of choices.