Taylor Made Irons

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Taylor Made is one of the biggest names in the golfing industry. They make many golf products including golf clubs. Taylor Made irons are quality made and used by professional golfers. Every golf player must carry a number of golf clubs including irons. One question many new golfers ask is what is the difference between woods, irons, wedges, and putters? Irons are golf clubs that have a flat angled face and a shorter shaft than a wood. Irons are designed for shots near the green or from more difficult locations, like through trees or the bottom of a hill.

Just like woods, “irons” get their name from the material they were originally made from. They were once made from forged iron. Wedges are irons with a higher loft than a 9 iron. Putters are used for short distances and there are two kinds; blades and mallets. Taylor Made irons include the R9 irons, the R9 TP irons, the Burner irons, and the Burner Superlaunch irons.