FJ Icon

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Footjoy is a well known golf apparel and shoe company. Known as FJ, the FJ icon is just one of the shoes that Footjoy offers. FJ Icon comes in a number of different styles and colors including black and white, brown, and brown and white. Footjoy Icon golf shoes are made from calfskin, which is the finest shoe leather in the world. The ultra luxurious calfskin provides unmatched splendor, a perfect fit, and an unbelievable resistance to stretching.

Footjoy guarantees a two year warranty for the FJ Icons in terms of being water proof. There is a soft microfiber that is strategically placed in the heel in order to make sure that the best possible slip resistant fit is provided. FJ Icons have two-part forefoot flexibility channels, which are constructed of TPU (thermoplastic urethane) and which produce unparalleled walking comfort and flexibility.